Friday, November 11, 2011

The Mysterious Midnight Accordionist (Who Got the Security Guards Fired)

I wrote this during biology class in 1998. I was imagining a guy sitting in the schoolyard, playing an accordion in the middle of the night. The guards would come and get all freaked out, but they'd freeze in place standing there watching him, but he'd be getting enough of a workout playing the accordion that he'd stay warm. Then once they'd frozen solid, he'd leave without a trace, leaving them with a bizarre story that their bosses won't believe when they don't get their work done.

The school yard cops and midnight crew were frightened by the sound
they found in him the darkened courtyard sitting on the ground
sitting with his face curled into a hollow, vacant smile
playing an accordion with European style
The wind was crisp and bitter
to carry the music away
they said "you'd better leave"
and he said "no, I think I'll stay"

For a momment, they just stood there frightened and confused
should they get much closer? how much caution should they use?
and he just kept on playing quite untouch-ed by their stares
went into an irish ballad with italian flair
the notes were clear and hollow
eerie in a haunting way
they said….

His strange smile made them nervous and their minds began to race
they knew they'd seen him somewhere but they couldn't place the face
the night was getting very cold, they soon began to freeze
and he continued playing, no apparent lack of ease
the minutes turned to hours
the night turned into day
they said….

When the sun had risen they had frozen in their place
but the strange young man of whom they spoke was gone without a trace
your story sounds suspicious
is what the people say
we said "you'd better leave" 
and he said "no, I'd better stay"

(c) 1998 by Adam Selzer, ASCAP

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