Friday, November 11, 2011

The Old Woman Who Drank Old Milk

There was an old lady who drank old milk (ew, ew, ew)
She kept it underneath her bed (ew, ew, ew)
it turned all yellow, it turned all sour (ew, ew, ew)
it started turning into cheese (ew, ew, ew)

She poured it in a dirty glass (ew, ew, ew)
and mixed it up with pickle juice (ew, ew, ew)
and then she added  pepper, too (ew, ew, ew)
she blended it with three raw eggs (ew, ew, ew)
and put it in the microwave (ew, ew, ew)

it made her house smell just like feet (ew, ew, ew)
that someone rubbed against a butt (ew, ew, ew)
she stirred and let it cool a bit (ew, ew, ew)
she took one sip and BLEECHHH! (ew, ew, ew)

(c) 1987 by Adam Selzer. ASCAP.

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